Quality products tailored to the needs of patients in the communities BIOVIC serves.


We understand that what we do matters — to our patients, clinicians that use our products, our employees and the communities in which we live and work. Disease states that will be targeted include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney failure and hernia. Products for various surgical specialties will also be targeted. 


PTFE – POLYTETRAFLUOROETHYLENE, is a fully fluorinated polymer that has attributes of excellent chemical resistance, high temperature stability, and good non-stick properties. It is an extremely inert, lubricious material and after more than 30 years of use as an artificial blood vessel, remains the gold standard for synthetic substitutes. Vascular grafts can be used to bypass or replace diseased or damaged veins and arteries. PTFE grafts are typically highly porous allowing for tissue ingrowth. They continue to dominate in arteriovenous access and smaller caliber synthetic graft applications. 


Introducing BIOVIC’s flagship product, the AVATAR® PTFE Vascular Graft. AVATAR® PTFE Vascular grafts are intended for use in arterial vascular reconstruction, segmental bypass and for arteriovenous vascular access. The AVATAR® graft is constructed from PTFE, a biomaterial with a long history of clinical use.

Designed and developed by BIOVIC engineers using their proprietary Humidity Resistant Technology (HRT) this graft either meets or exceeds the performance and handling characteristics of its competitors. Featuring an open, porous microstructure on both internal and external surfaces to maximize tissue in-growth and healing response.

Manufactured using Humidity Resistant Technology (HRT)

Several times stronger than vein, yet soft and conformable

Full range of sizes

Manufactured under strict Quality control conditions

In pre-clinical studies the AVATAR®™ graft was evaluated using a dialysis graft shunt model alongside competitor grafts. Histological analyses confirmed that the AVATAR® Vascular Graft performed on par, if not slightly better than the competition.

Comparative Testing: Comparisons in strength and handling were made between AVATAR® Vascular Grafts and commercially available competitive product. Results indicated that the AVATAR® Vascular Graft was equivalent in all respects. Feedback also suggested that the grafts were softer with better handling than the competition.

The AVATAR® PTFE Vascular Graft comes in dual barrier sterile packaging. It is currently available in more than 50 product codes.